Bethany Baptist Church - Baskerville, VA
Bethany Baptist Church Events: 

Special Dates 

May 30-July 14 - Camp Concord dates are available here

July 22 -Prayer Breakfast at 9:00am

August 5- August 8 - Revival Services
        Sunday, August 5, services at 11am
        Sunday, August 5, fellowship meal at 6pm & Service at 7pm
        Monday - Wednesday, Aug 6-8, services at 7pm

August 11 - Youth Luncheon (must sign up by Aug 5)

Weekly Events 

Wednesdays: Choir Practice 7:00pm-8:00pm 

Monthly Events 

2nd Sundays:
Deacon's Meeting 12:00 noon 
Choir/Youth Group 5:00-5:30pm/5:30-7:00pm                        

WMU   6:00pm                                  
Brotherhood 6:00pm
Business Meeting 7:00pm

2nd and 4th Sundays:

Meetings at 5:00pm (2nd and 4th Sunday)
- Youth Choir

Meetings at 5:30/6:00pm   (2nd Sunday)                                
- Jr. Youth (*KFC)  and Youth        

Meetings at 3:00   (4th Sunday)                                
- Jr. Youth (*KFC)

*Fellowship, Games, Refreshments                                              

2nd Wednesday:  
Mecklenburg House Visit 2:00pm 

Tuesday before 2nd Sunday: 
Helen Farrar Baptist Woman's Group Meeting 
Yearly Events
Concord Baptist Church Camp for Youth (Lake Gaston) 
Vacation Bible School (classes for all ages) 
Christmas Program (youth program, adult choir) 
Easter Egg Hunt and Fellowship
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